Good Manner Class (3 Classes)
Good Manner Class (3 Classes)
Good Manner Class (3 Classes)
Good Manner Class (3 Classes)
Good Manner Class (3 Classes)

Good Manner Class (3 Classes)

How It Works
Once the training class is purchased someone from Carmella & Rose will reach out to schedule training times.

Training will occur over a video call. All you have to do is click the link that is in the meeting invite.

Your dog does not need to be present during the session. If possible, we will ask you to send videos of you training after each session so we can review and improve together.
Schedule at times that work for you. The owner of Carmella & Rose will email you and coordinate scheduling the training classes.

3 classes, 1 hour each, over 3 weeks

Is your furry friend causing a ruckus with counter surfing, incessant barking, or other mischievous behaviors? It is time to transform your pup into a well-mannered, four-legged good citizen! Introducing our comprehensive Good Citizen Training class designed to enhance your day-to-day interactions with your beloved canine companion. Customers will receive a custom-tailored set of notes to be used to practice and refresh as needed.

*Every dog owner's experience is slightly different so the class will focus on your goals and will move at the speed that is right for you.  This means that the number of items the training class completes will vary depending on the customer and their dog. We are flexible and want this to be a worthwhile experience.

Areas of focus: (flexible based on the need)

  • Counter Surfing Solutions: Say goodbye to kitchen chaos! Our expert trainer will guide your dog through effective techniques to discourage counter surfing, promoting better behavior and a calmer home environment.
  • Door Greeting Etiquette: Does your dog turn into a barking maestro when guests arrive? Learn how to instill polite and calm greeting behaviors, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for both your pup and your guests.
  • Basic Commands Mastery: From sit and stay to come and leave it, you will be provided the knowledge to teach these fundamental commands, establishing a solid foundation for clear communication and a harmonious relationship.
  • Problem-Solving Techniques: Address common behavior challenges, such as excessive barking, digging, and more. Our trainers will equip you with effective tools to overcome these hurdles and enjoy a more peaceful coexistence with your furry friend.

Expert Guidance: Led by certified trainer, Katie Shook, graduate of the world renowned NePoPo® dog training school, our classes prioritize building trust and understanding between you and your dog.

Transform Your Home into a Haven: Imagine a home where your dog is a well-behaved and respectful family member. Our Good Canine Citizenship Class is the key to unlocking that potential, creating a happier, more harmonious living space for everyone.

Join Today and Watch Your Pup Thrive! Enroll now to embark on a transformative journey with your furry friend. Our Good Citizen Dog Training Class is the gateway to a well-behaved and socially adept dog, making every day with your pet an absolute delight. Say goodbye to behavioral challenges and hello to a lifetime of joyous companionship!

Expert Katie Shook

Virtual training provides options that are outside your zip code.

Katie graduated from NePoPo® which is one of the most rigorous training schools in the world.

Katie is a military veteran that has an attention to detail and drive to ensure you reach your goals.

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Top Talent In Your Home

The process is simple. Once you purchase the class you work together to find the optimal time. Then, a link is sent and you connect over video. If you have a cell phone then videos of your training can be sent and reviewed.

It is like having a personal trainer at your fingertips.

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Customize Your Training

Regardless of the class chosen, each class is modified to fit your need.

We will mix and match to build the class required based on what we learn from the first session.

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