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The Forever Leash
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With your Forever Leash purchase, comes a 30-Day trial to test the leash and make sure it's one you love!  This is the first leash designed...

30-Day Trial

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Free Returns

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Lifetime Warranty

Escape-Resistant Carabiner Clip

The Forever Leash's industry-leading frog carabiner clip features a pull tension over 600 lbs., meaning you'll never have to worry about your dog breaking loose. Plus, both ears on the clip have to be down at the same time to open, preventing the typical escape techniques. The clip can be opened with one hand and auto closes upon contact with your collar. 

Frog carabiner leash clip

Strong and Secure Paracord Material

Strength and safety was a core principle during design. By using 8 paracords woven together, you can feel confident that our leash will never fray or break. The woven paracord can hold up to 550 pounds!

Second leash handle

Extra Handle For Optimal Control

A second handle is located in the most effective location on the leash to keep your dog close, yet comfortable during a walk or in times of high stress. The placement keeps your elbow close to your hips, helping you keep your balance and optimal control of your dog.

Woman looking at her dog holding both leash handles

Reinforced Components For Longevity

On other leashes, a sewn logo creates a weak spot. We upgraded the Forever Leash to include feature a stainless-steel clasp to prevent tearing.

The last leash you'll need, Guaranteed.

We have become numb to company's providing poor service and products. It is not about transactions at Carmella & Rose. We want every interaction to be a sharable experience. We want to earn your trust!


Paracord leash, black painted frog carabiner clip, black painted stainless-steel rings for dog waste bag


  • Leash: breaking force of 550 lbs., weight 6.03oz, width, .787 inches, each of the 8 paracords contain 7 core threads

  • Clip: weight 1.69oz, pull tension of frog clip 661 lbs.

Care instructions:

Washable at 86°F or lower (temp is due to some colors being more prone to bleed)

The Forever Leash Return Policy

Sometimes we make life complicated, so we are going to keep this simple. 

Paying for shipping is a thing of the past. We offer free shipping on all U.S. orders and we typically get orders out for delivery same or next day.

Regarding returns.  That's basically shipping but backwards.  So, yes, we cover that cost too.  You can make a return, anytime, for whatever reason, for life. Returns will be refunded in the original payment method. Now that is a modern policy. 

We strive to offer the best shipping and return policy that you'll find because you and your dog deserve the best!

Our Lifetime Warranty

Yes, it is true. We offer a lifetime warranty.  If you're unhappy with your purchase, we'll find a solution for you. Whether that solution is an exchange, refund or something else.  This is more than a transaction to us; your happiness is what is important. 

Why do we offer the best-in-class warranty?  Carmella & Rose is a premium brand built on the memories of when people built products to last because it was their reputation on the line.  Remember when your grandpa built a workbench in the garage and you were not sure if he was going to put his tools on it or land a plane?  It was built to outlast him and he was proud of that.  That memory is what Carmella & Rose is built on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all dogs deserve the best! The leash was built to be strong enough for anxious and reactive dogs, but is light and convenient for all dogs. We have customers with dogs ranging from 250 pounds dogs to 15 pounds.

Yes, no questions asked.

We haven't seen that yet and we have sought out the best four-legged escape artists we could find. The clip requires both sides to be pulled down. A human can do it easily with one hand because we have thumbs. Our research and testing discovered that dogs that escape tend to rub their neck on the ground or an object to open their clip. This won't work with our clip.

Of course! You can hold both handles in one hand making the leash shorter. We often use the second handle as the primary handle when we are on a busy street, around other dogs or city walking. When the road opens up then we simply let go of the second handle and continue to hold the first handle.

The Forever Leash is 4 feet in length. It is not where we started, but after much testing we found that 4 feet is the perfect length for control. Also, it allows the second handle to be positioned close enough to you without leaving too much leash from the second handle to the collar.

We get this a lot. We are human and it’s easy to be cynical. However, we believe the percentage that will take advantage of us is small and we don't want the 10% to impact the 90%. We truly want to earn your trust and respect and in return we hope people are fair and considerate.