Showcasing the clasp on the dog leash

Escape-Resistant Carabiner Clip

The Forever Leash's frog carabiner clip exceeds 600 lbs. pull tension, ensuring secure dog control. Simultaneously pressing down both clip ears prevents escapes, while convenient one-handed operation and automatic closure enhance ease of use.


Strong and Secure Paracord Material

Our leash prioritizes strength and safety. The 8-woven paracords guarantee durability, never fraying or breaking, with a remarkable capacity of 550 pounds.


Extra Handle For Optimal Control

The leash's second handle is strategically positioned for optimal control and comfort. It keeps your dog close and helps maintain balance and control during walks or high-stress situations.


Reinforced Components For Longevity

On other leashes, a sewn logo creates a weak spot. We upgraded the Forever Leash to include feature a stainless-steel clasp to prevent tearing.


Materials & Specs

Paracord leash, black painted frog carabiner clip, black painted stainless-steel rings for dog waste bag.

Leash: breaking force of 550 lbs., weight 6.03oz, width, .787 inches, each of the 8 paracords contain 7 core threads

Clip: weight 1.69oz, pull tension of frog clip 661 lbs.

Care instructions: Washable at 86°F or lower (temp is due to some colors being more prone to bleed)


Forever Leash Return Policy

Enjoy free shipping and exchanges during the 30-day trial period. During this period, you can make a return at any time, for any reason. We prioritize providing the best shipping and return policy for you and your dog.

For more details, please see our easy-to-read return policy located in our footer.


Our Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty, dedicated to your satisfaction. Our commitment goes beyond a mere transaction; your happiness is our priority.

Carmella & Rose is a premium brand rooted in the tradition of enduring craftsmanship. Just like your grandpa's workbench built to outlast him, we take pride in creating products that stand the test of time.