Our Carmella & Rose Leash Origin Story

The Carmella & Rose Forever Leash was custom-designed for our nervous Goldendoodle, Macy.

Due to her anxiety, Macy broke every big-box leash we tried. She pulled free. She chewed. She broke clips. After Macy broke free and caused a near-accident, we knew we needed to create a solution for her leash anxiety. We decided to design the highest quality leash that can withstand over 550 pounds of pull force and has a second handle located to assist you in maintaining control by keeping your dog close.

Now, we're sharing the Forever Leash with every family who needs it. This leash is more than a transaction to us. We hope you allow us to be a part of our pet's journey!

The Forever Leash's Origin Story

Golden Doodle named Macy who was the inspiration for the company

Meet Macy, Our Goldendoodle

Enter Macy, our energetic, mischievous, and above all, anxiety-ridden Goldendoodle. Those calm, relaxing, everyone-smiling fantasies were definitely not our reality. Enter the "what are we going to do?" stage.

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Golden Doodle sitting on picnic table with paracord leash on

We Needed Help!

We quickly realized Macy was "high energy," but it was the first growl and then bite that accelerated our decision to take Macy to training. This is where we first learned about anxious and reactive dogs.

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Paracord leash

The Problem

Walking was required in order to get Macy's energy out, but it was the most dreaded part of the day. Everyday situations caused such reactions that it wasn't long before she broke her first leash clip and ran into traffic. That was our low point. We were deflated and felt hopeless. Our kids challenged us to fix this problem.

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Golden Doodle standing on rock wearing paracord leash

The Idea

Knowing that dogs mirror your emotion, we needed to increase our confidence about walking. I decided to engineer a leash that will keep Macy safe AND increase our confidence. That night I read the specifications of mountain climbing gear.

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People that were apart of launching Carmella and Rose

A Brand Was Born

The names Carmella and Rose have meaning. They're our grandmother's names and remind us of a time when people took great pride in what they stood for. Every decision we make, we think back to this guiding principle.

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Woman, two kids and Pit Bull making funny face


The path from idea to launch had bumps, but we got there, together. Our customers have pushed us when we were feeling overwhelmed which recharged our batteries. We have had great opportunities to increase our understanding of "the why" behind reactivity. Our kids are selecting and learning about charities and about being leaders, even when it's hard. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your support. We are truly so lucky.

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The Meaning Behind Our Company's Name

Carmella and Rose are our grandmothers' names. Both were hard-working women who were quick to problem-solve and create solutions for their families.

Their legacy reminds us of a time when items were built with love and intention, as well as quality components meant to last forever.

The Forever Leash features the highest-quality components and is backed with a lifetime guarantee as a testament to these strong women. As Grandma Carmella would say, "if it is well built, then there is nothing to worry about."