Our Story

The Carmella & Rose Forever Leash was custom-designed for Macy, our anxious Goldendoodle. She broke every leash we tried from big-box stores, pulling free and damaging clips. To address her leash anxiety, we created a high-quality solution.

Our leash can withstand over 550 pounds of pull force and features a second handle for better control and keeping your dog close. Now, we're sharing the Forever Leash with families in need. It's more than just a transaction; we hope to join you on your pet's journey.

Smiling white dog with leash

Meet Macy, Our Goldendoodle

Meet Macy, our energetic, mischievous, and anxiety-ridden Goldendoodle. Our reality was far from calm and relaxing, prompting the inevitable "what are we going to do?" stage.

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We Needed Help!

Macy's "high energy" became apparent, but it was her first growl and bite that prompted us to seek training. It was during this training that we first discovered the challenges of anxious and reactive dogs.


The Problem

Walking Macy was a necessary energy outlet, but it quickly became the most dreaded part of our day. Everyday situations triggered extreme reactions, leading to Macy breaking her leash clip and running into traffic. It was a low point for us, feeling deflated and hopeless. It was our kids who challenged us to find a solution to this problem.

dog held with Forever Leash

The Idea

Seeking to increase our confidence during walks with Macy, I set out to engineer a leash that prioritizes her safety. Drawing inspiration from mountain climbing gear, I aimed to create a reliable and secure solution.

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A Brand Was Born

The names Carmella and Rose have meaning. They're our grandmother's names and remind us of a time when people took great pride in what they stood for. Every decision we make, we think back to this guiding principle.

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From idea to launch, we faced hurdles, but with your support, we overcame them. Your encouragement recharged us, while gaining insights into reactivity and witnessing our children's growth as leaders has been remarkable. We are deeply grateful for your unwavering support.

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The Meaning Behind Our Company's Name

Carmella and Rose, our grandmothers, were resourceful and industrious problem-solvers for their families. Their legacy represents an era of meticulously crafted, enduring items.

The Forever Leash, equipped with top-notch components, embodies their spirit and is supported by a lifetime guarantee. As Grandma Carmella wisely advised, a well-built product leaves no room for worries.

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A solution for anxious dogs that's guaranteed for life.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Tired of searching for a reliable leash and trustworthy company ourselves, we made sure the Forever Leash includes a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.