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Our customers love us because we really care.

White Glove Service

I purchased the Dog Walking class because my experience with the Carmella & Rose was first class. I love small companies because they actually care.

The leash shipped the same day and then the owner of Carmella & Rose reached out to ask how the leash was working for me.

When they came out with collars I bought 2 and the quality was amazing and service continued to be great.

So, when training came available it was a no brainer. Their attention to detail is great and that detail continued with the training process.

If you want someone to care more than you, try this training service out. AMAZING.



Virtual Training

I was unsure about virtual training, but I figured 1-1 over video was more cost effective than 1-1 in person. Also, I had really good service with Carmella & Rose during my last 2 purchases so I was betting on them.

This process was by far the best experience I have had since Disney. They were super flexible with the times. I learned the reasons why my dog was behaving the way she was. Then, Katie walked me through what to do over video. She corrected me a few times to make sure I had the exact technique down (she is detailed orientated).

I recorded my training afterwards with my cell phone and I was sent a link to upload the video. I am not technology savvy, but Matt, the owner of Carmella & Rose, took care of it all.

They watched the video and course corrected me during ever session. By the last session I had my dog sitting in place every time the door bell rang. No more jumping on people when they walk through the door. My dog is a nut. I can't believe this worked.


New Jersey

Excellent customer service

I bought their puppy class and almost immediatley I was contacted to schedule
the first class.  They were very flexible working around my work schedule.  A few sessions ran over the time limit, but they never said anything.  You can tell they really care.



I was a bit skeptical…

I wasn’t sure how virtual training would work, especially
since I am not good with technology. Matt sent a link and all I had to do was click it on our scheduled time.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was. 

My goal was to work on pulling on the leash during
walks.  The first session I felt like I learned a lot and then they gave me homework to practice.  My husband took a few videos, and we sent
them to Katie.  Katie looked at them on her own time and during class 2 she fine tuned my approach.  By the end of the 3rd class, I was
feeling good, and my walks have already improved. I may do a 4th lesson, but as of right now, we are practicing, and I am no longer getting
pulled over!

Sandy Boone

Verified customer


Expert Katie Shook

Virtual training provides options that are outside your zip code.

Katie graduated from NePoPo® which is one of the most rigorous training schools in the world.

Katie is a military veteran that has an attention to detail and drive to ensure you reach your goals.


Top Talent In Your Home

The process is simple. Once you purchase the class you work together to find the optimal time. Then, a link is sent and you connect over video. If you have a cell phone then videos of your training can be sent and reviewed.

It is like having a personal trainer at your fingertips.


Customize Your Training

Regardless of the class chosen, each class is modified to fit your need.

We will mix and match to build the class required based on what we learn from the first session.