Quality is Critical

This is our family's passion. That is why we insist that each leash is handmade with premium, reflective paracord. Paracord is used by the military and mountain climbers because it holds up to the most extreme conditions. If paracord can resist fraying when rubbing up against a rock it will hold up to those pesky bites during a walk. If you are unsure, give our 30-day free trial a test!


A Guarentee That Walks The Walk

We are a small business out of Upstate, NY. Our family built Carmella & Rose because we have 3 children, a very reactive dog and have learned so much over the years on how to improve our relationship with her. There isn't a magic solution, but we are confident our products are superior which is why we offer free shipping, free returns, a lifetime warranty and a 30-day trial.


Neck Safe Innovative Design

The Forever Slip applies gentle pressure around your dog when he/she starts to pull and then releases when your dog stops pulling. It is just enough to act as a reminder to help with training. The challenge we had with spike/choke collars is the constant pressure on the dog's neck. Whether your pup is doing amazing or pulling there is a consistent pressure that he/she is feeling. That makes it really hard to reward your pup for a job well done. Similar to retractable leashes where your dog is rewarded for pulling (retractable leashes require a pull for everything). Having that constant pressure makes it challenging to distinguish between the wanted and unwanted behavior. It took a while, but we built this to help us during walk training and we love it!


Upgrade Your Walk Training

If you are going to invest the time in improving your walks then set yourself up for success by using the tools that are most likely going to accelerate your training.


Materials & Specs

Reflective paracord with black painted stainless steel hardware.

Specs: Width - 1.5 inches


X-Small- 2.6oz

Small- 2.9oz

Medium- 3.1oz

Large- 3.5oz

X-Large- 4.0oz

Care instructions:
Washable at 86°F or lower (temp is due to some colors being more prone to bleed.


The Forever Collar Return Policy

Enjoy free shipping and exchanges during the 30-day trial period. During this period, you can make a return of undamaged product at any time. We prioritize providing the best shipping and return policy for you and your dog.

For more details, please see our easy-to-read return policy located in our footer.


Our Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty, dedicated to your satisfaction. Our commitment goes beyond a mere transaction; your happiness is our priority.

Carmella & Rose is a premium brand rooted in the tradition of enduring craftsmanship. Just like your grandpa's workbench built to outlast him, we take pride in creating products that stand the test of time.