How the Forever Leash from Carmella & Rose Helps Control Dogs That Pull

How the Forever Leash from Carmella & Rose Helps Control Dogs That Pull
Does your dog pull on walks? If walking your dog is like watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer audition for his primary role in sled pulling then your experience sounds exactly like mine. After a broken leash clip and a near accident I decided it was time to improve my situation.  Enter Carmella & Rose’s Forever Leash – a revolutionary product designed for anxious and reactive dogs that pull on walks. In this article, we'll delve into the features, benefits and how to use the Forever Leash to enhance your daily walks with your canine companion.

Safety & Quality:

When it comes to your pet's safety, nothing is more important. That's why the Forever Leash is designed with safety in mind using the highest quality materials making it built for a lifetime of walks. 


Escape-Proof Frog Clip

Featuring an escape-proof mountain climbing frog clip you can rest assured that, unless your dog grows thumbs, they will stay on their leash until you release them. Sorry dogs, no more rubbing your neck against the ground to release your clip!  In addition, the frog clip has a pull tension of over 600 pounds to ensure you never experience the accident of a broken clip. It may sound like overkill, but we think of it as an inexpensive insurance policy.

Military Grade Paracord

The Forever Leash is weaved using 8 reflective military grade paracords where each paracord can hold 550 pounds.  We chose a reflective paracord which provides additional safety on your evening walks.  In addition, paracord is fray resistant which is why it is used in harsh environments such as rock climbing and to make critical products like parachutes. 

Unlike traditional leashes that can fray or break over time, the Forever Leash is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, giving you peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Whether you're navigating busy streets or exploring off the beaten path, you can trust the Forever Leash to keep your furry friend secure and protected.

Unique & Functional Design

The Forever Leash is handmade making each leash unique to you.  The second control handle is located where you can reach it while walking which provides control like you have never experienced.  If you are a water skier you know that once your arms become fully extended you are moments away from a face full of water.  The Forever Leash’s second handle allows you to keep your elbows close to your hips allowing you to maintain your balance in those moments of need.

How we use the Forever Leash to train

I start each walk holding both handles.  When the second handle starts to get tight, I stop and start to walk backwards until my dog looks at me frustrated that I interrupted her pulling. Once she looks at me I stop walking backwards and pause for a second.  Once she is focused on me, I start walking again.  This would go on for 5-10 minutes because she is stubborn!  However, once she realized that she would stop walking every time she felt the control handle get tight, she adjusted.  She learned to slow down as she felt tension and look at me. Similar to how your dog hears the squirt of the whip cream can or her favorite bag of treats opening, they will build the relationship between pulling and not walking. It takes consistency and repetition, but it works.  For additional information on our 3 step process to improve your walks you can watch this video on our website.

The Forever Leash has been a game-changer for pet owners looking to enhance their walks with their dogs. With its quality design that is focused on safety and functionality the Forever Leash offers everything you need for a superior walking experience. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional leashes and hello to the convenience and reliability of the Forever Leash. Try it today and transform your walks into enjoyable adventures with your furry friend by your side.