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Does your dog pull on its leash on every walk? Ours did too! That's why we designed the Forever Leash and compiled resources for owners of dogs that are anxious or reactive on walks. Explore our training tips, leash quality suggestions, and real customer success stories below!

Pulling on a leash is often a dog's default state. They are excited about their walk and all they'll see and smell! However, you'll need to correct this pulling to best control your dog. The best way is to keep your dog as close as possible to you - ideally, slightly behind your step. This is where an optimally-placed second handle comes in handy on a leash. For example, The Forever Leash's extra handle is located in the most effective location on the leash to keep your dog close yet comfortable during a walk or in times of high stress. The placement keeps your elbow close to your hips, helping you keep your balance and optimal control of your dog. By using a handle closer to your body, you'll be able to keep your dog close - and reduce pulling greatly.

There are a lot of variables that go into anxiety and reactivity, and we are not suggesting there is a magic solution, but rather a useful training asset.

When your dog is challenging, you need tighter control over situations so you can correct certain behaviors and prevent potential safety incidents. This is why we reduced the Forever Leash length from the traditional 6-foot length to 4 feet. By shortening the leash and moving the second handle to be within reach while walking (as opposed to having to stop and bend down to the collar), it allows you to correct the “bad” habits and enforce the good ones to assist your dog in learning the correct reactions.

As you know, there is more than length involved. In our experience learning from various trainers, your confidence goes a long way as well. Your dog mirrors your confidence. When we clip that frog clip to our dog's collar, we feel the assurance that it won’t break (she has broken regular clips). We feel ready to take on whatever comes our way because we are not worried about her safety.
We are confident in the quality and functionality because it was made to solve a problem that we had, and we took no shortcuts. It is also why we offer a lifetime warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial.

As an owner of an anxious or reactive dog, one of our greatest fears is our dog breaking free of its leash. It's terrifying to think of our best friend running toward traffic or into a dangerous situation. That's why it's important to pick a leash with material that won't fray, break, or be chewed through. The best material to look for in a leash is paracord - specifically, multiple paracords woven together. Paracord is trusted by the military, adventurers, and survivalists alike due to its extreme strength and durability. A paracord rated 550 (like the Forever Leash!) can hold up to 550 pounds - over three times stronger than nylon. The key to its strength is that each paracord is constructed with 8 individual paracords woven together with 7 cores per rope. What does that mean? For each of the 8 strands you see on your leash, there are 7 interior strands of material inside it. We tested the Forever Leash - and proved it was strong enough to pull a vehicle. But be sure to take it from us - we don't recommend trying this at home!

If you have a devious leash-biter in the family, then you know how important it is to have a leash that can be put to the test. We feel it is so important to invest in a leash that you can use for the rest of your life. Not only is our leash made of 8 individual paracords, with each paracord having 7 interior strands of material, but it is also reinforced with several components to keep it from fraying, breaking, or ripping. Rather than spending $20 every time your fabric leash breaks or the dogs chew threw it, we recommend investing in this higher-quality Forever Leash. We are confident that our leash stands the test of time (and bites). We are so confident that that is why we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you happen to have a dog that just won't give up, and rips through our leash, we will send you a brand new one with no extra fees, no shipping cost, and no strings attached. Still not sure if it's for you? Try it out risk-free for 30 days!

Our customer Bridget adopted her pitbull mix at just ten months old. He was a happy, loving dog from day one! However, his good personality was often overshadowed by his on-walk behavior. He would fiercely pull on every leash she bought. Many leashes quickly broke - until she found the Forever Leash. Here's what she had to say about how it helped her finally enjoy her walks with her pitbull: "The Forever Leash has been great for our walks! I find myself using the second handle as the primary handle. It keeps my dog closer to my side. I almost forgot the main handle was there!". Now, she reports that walks are less stressful and more enjoyable.